Struct kernel::tbfheader::TbfHeaderV1[][src]

pub(crate) struct TbfHeaderV1 { version: u32, total_size: u32, entry_offset: u32, rel_data_offset: u32, rel_data_size: u32, text_offset: u32, text_size: u32, got_offset: u32, got_size: u32, data_offset: u32, data_size: u32, bss_mem_offset: u32, bss_size: u32, min_stack_len: u32, min_app_heap_len: u32, min_kernel_heap_len: u32, pkg_name_offset: u32, pkg_name_size: u32, checksum: u32, }

Legacy Tock Binary Format header.

Version 1 of the header is deprecated but can still be parsed by the kernel to support any apps that were compiled with an older version of elf2tbf.


Trait Implementations

impl Clone for TbfHeaderV1

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impl Copy for TbfHeaderV1

impl Debug for TbfHeaderV1

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Auto Trait Implementations

impl Send for TbfHeaderV1

impl Sync for TbfHeaderV1